109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (2024)

Looking for the best gardening design for your space? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the most interesting garden styles and ideas to help you design a garden that’s delightful in every way.

From small gardening designs and urban gardening to Japanese and Zen garden concepts, our selection is brimming with inspiring ideas that you can recreate or adapt to your space.

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (1)

No matter what your personal taste and lifestyle are, there is always a gardening design that can reflect them.

It’s about time you created your own green heaven, right?

Key Gardening Design Considerations

First, though, let’s start with a few key considerations.

Whether you’re remodeling your outdoor area or creating a new outdoor space, you want to have a garden design before you get to work.

A garden designer can help you with this and we recommend getting help from one if it’s in your budget.

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But you can create a garden design plan even without a designer. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.

Know How You Will Use Your Garden

Will you be the only one using the garden or will you be sharing it with others? Family? Pets? Friends?

Based on your answer, you can determine whether to have a seating or lounge area for relaxation, whether to add a pergola, what flowers to plant, and so on.

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Tip: Choosing a theme for your garden gets easier once you know how you will be using the space.

Keep Walkways Safe

When designing your garden walkways, be mindful of how they will be used. You don’t want them to be too cramped. Or two wide, because then they will take up flower space.

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Also, any slopes or steps should be as even as possible to prevent falls and other injuries. If you notice any issues with your walkways, address them immediately.

Pay Attention to Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors should be tall and secured against winds. Make them sturdy, especially if you plan on having climbers grow on them.

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Make sure the wood is treated to withstand the elements. You don’t want it to rot!

Get Creative…

The best person to design your garden is you. Even if you hire a professional landscaper to help you, don’t be afraid to get creative.

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Using your creativity when designing a garden can save you a ton of money on manufactured garden features.

Plus it can make your design feel truly your own.

But Be Patient!

You can’t bring a gardening design to life overnight. Well, you can, but the results won’t be too good!

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (7)

The time of completion will depend on the design and the intricacy of your garden. For bigger projects, it can take months. You don’t want to rush the process as this will show in the end.

Creating a garden should be relaxing in itself. Breathe in and take it one step at a time.

Simple Gardening Ideas and Designs

No matter whether you’re considering creating a new flower garden or sprucing up your old one, we’ve got lots of ideas for you.

With these creative gardening design ideas, you get a starting point for your personality and imagination to shine through.

Explore them now!

1. Small Gardening Design Ideas

Making the most out of smaller spaces can be challenging. But you can design a beautiful small garden to which you’ll love coming back again and again. Here’s an example of using a wooden bench and chairs.

2.Gardening Designs for Small Gardens

Don’t be afraid to break the rules and turn your modest space into an amazing oasis. Gardening design is whatever you want to make of it. Here’s another example of how greenery can fill a small space beautifully.

3.Small City Gardening Designs for Backyards

Pink flowers hanging in an arch and a brick wall set the stage for this lovely backyard garden that uses different colors and textures to create a wonderful nook.

4.Small Space Garden Design with Timber Deck

A small garden is a place for entertaining and relaxing. Make sure to fill the area with plants and flowers that make you feel serene. Your guests will pick up on your mood and have a wonderful time with you.

5.Rectangular Garden Designs Ideas with Water Features

Think of your backyard space as an empty canvas. No matter its shape, you can fill it with greenery, outdoor furniture, and water features. In this example, a bridge leads the way over a pond to the seating area.

6.Oriental Urban Gardening Idea

A city garden is not only for planting but also for playing, relaxing, and entertaining. Add an oriental feel to your outdoor space with this garden idea.

7.Indoor Outdoor Garden Designs and Layouts

Now here’s is a combination of indoor and outdoor styles with shelving units. Who needs windows when you can have a modern living room in the open like this one?

8.All Green Garden Designs For Small Spaces

Urban gardens are a popular trend all over the world. This type of gardening design makes for abetter environment and healthier lifestyle. Here’s a wonderful all-green example for you.

9. Rooftop Urban Gardening Design

Bring nature into your home by growing colorful flowers on planters on your rooftop or terrace. Wooden furniture gives this one a cozy feel despite the somewhat dizzying heights!

10.Small City Garden Idea

Now back to terra firma with a cute gardening design that is simple and has a rustic feel to it. For some quiet time with your family, a simple arrangement like this can be wonderful.

11.Fascinating Garden Design Ideas

You can create your own garden fantasy with a little effort and some creativity. Here’s an example of a cheap plant wall and some striking chairs made out of wire frame.

12.Best Gardening Designs for Cramped Spaces

Fill your balcony or terrace with plants and throw in a vintage mirror and you can reinvent a cramped space.

13.Wildlife Friendly Gardening Design

This type of rustic gardening design can easily attract birds, insects, and even small mammals. The bees will love it!

14.Stone Edging Garden Design

Place rocks along your walkway to create natural-looking flower borders and some striking color contrasts.

15. Enchanting Minimal Garden Design

Or keep things streamlined and minimalistic with modern features and a geometrical design, like in this example.

16. Pleasing Gardening Design

Create simple paths and structures that are easy to navigate. Sometimes that’s all it takes to surround yourself with greenery.

17. Adorable Outdoor Space

Make sure that your garden design has enough room for dining and socializing. Choose weather-resistant furniture and place it gets shade on hot summer days.

18. Mesmerizing Garden Idea

A wide pathway with a pergola leading to a neatly trimmed lawn–doesn’t this one look just great?

19.Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

You may not have a big outdoor space, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with what you have. Place a bench in a corner and fill the space with greenery and voila!

20.Modern Garden Design Ideas

Now here’s something that’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time. This garden design blends in straight lines seamlessly and uses outside garden lights to create a great effect.

21.Eco-friendly Gardening Design

Eco-friendly solutions can integrate hydroponics, aquaponics, and solar panels into creative pergolas and other structures, like in the example below.

22.Garden of Flowers Gardening Design Idea

Let flowers take the centerpiece in your garden and fill your outdoor space with fragrance. Here’s an example that uses lavender and other plants that make noses happy.

23.Unique Planters for Your Gardening Design

You can save some money bygrowing plants in tin cans. It also adds an interesting aesthetic to any garden in an economical way.

24. Splendid Gardening Design

With some designing skills, you can turn your green space into a relaxing oasis you can enjoy in all seasons. In the following example, the tub has been placed in a greenhouse-like structure.

25.Garden Designs With Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers help you create a charming path in your garden. You can also use them for retaining walls and garden steps.

26. InspiringContainer Gardening Design

You can dress up your garden using gorgeous containers arranged on multiple levels, like in this public garden.

27.DIY Gardening Design

If you have a limited space in your garden then hanging your plants can be a smart and fragrant idea.

28.Small Dish Gardening Designs

Dish gardens are trending these days since they can add a unique accent to your garden. Dishes don’t have to be round–they can be octagonal. You can also combine different plants in one container.

29.Raised Bed Gardening Designs

Raised bed gardens enable you to choose the type of soil you’ll use to match the needs of your plants.

Tip: You can also repurpose a wheelbarrow as a planter.

30.Container Flower Gardening Designs

Container gardens comein various shapes and sizes. Here’s a rather extravagant example to give you a better idea of your possibilities.

31.Neat and Trim Landscaping and Gardening Designs

But maybe you just want to keep things neat and simple. This example uses flower borders around a backyard lawn with an elevated seating area.

32.Affordable Landscaping Gardening Design Inspo

With timber garden beds, you can create a beautiful contrast between the contrast of a grass lawn and the wood.

33.‌Inspirational Garden Design Ideas

Whether you are a skilled gardener or a first-timer, you can create your own inspiring landscaped garden by combining a hedge with short, shrub-like plants and a small flowering tree.

34.Garden Design For Small Gardens

Water features and tropical plants can transform a tiny outdoor space and make it look quite amazing. This example has a Zen quality to it.

35.Rocky Garden Design

Whether you use it pas paving, edging, or deecorative elements, stone can be a timeless choice in your garden. Combine it with bright green plants to create pleasant contrasts.

36. Zen Japanese Garden Design

The following example uses a bamboo fence as a backdrop with a stone bowl in the foreground. The lithe and supple plants add to the gracefulness of the setting.

37.Drought-Tolerant Gardening Design

Succulents and perennials blendwell together. Not only that, but they can withstand long stretches without wilting or losing their pleasant colors.

38. Rain Water Features for Gardening Design

The rainwater in this pond serves as both a water source and a water feature! We wrote a whole guide on rain water harvesting–check it out!

39.Design Ideas For Your Small Garden Home

Surround your deck or patio with plants to create an intimate space you and your friends will love returning to.

40.Gardening Designs with Arbors and Pergolas

Frame a view with pergolas and arbors. The effect is wonderful! You can also use shrubs and small trees to fill the empty space.

41.Fascinating Flower Bed Ideas

A beautiful flower bed that incorporates yellow daffodils, purple carnations, red geraniums, and other complementary plants can look wonderful. Plus, it’s pretty easy to create.

42. Perennial Gardening Design

This flower garden can give you years of fun. You don’t need to replant perennials–you can count on them returning year after year to grace your garden paths and seating areas.

43. Flower Garden Designs

The shape of your flower garden can be as important as the varieties of flowers you use. In this example, low hedges create beautiful green frames around the flower beds.

44.Modern Minimalist Inspirational Garden Ideas

You can turn your small outdoor space into a chill outdoor living space by using emptiness to your advantage. Here’s an example that does away with unnecessary details.

45.Urban Oasis Gardening Design

Bringing flower pots and containers together can help you transform urban space into a mini garden. Here’s an example of a green nook created out of a balcony-type of space.

46. Garden Designs without Grass

Grass doesn’t have to be the predominant element in your garden if you don’t want it to. Stone paving together with colorful tiles or mosaics can take their place.

47. DIY Garden Design with Bicycle

Got an old bike that’s rusting in the shed? Give it a coat of paint and use it as a support structure for climbers and flower pots.

48. Shade Gardening Ideas

Incorporating a unique object in your garden provides a whimsical feel and can transform an otherwise shaded garden into an interesting area.

49. Terraced Garden Design Inspiration

Got a sloping yard? No problem. You can use a tiered design like in the example above to create an interesting space. You can scale down this idea to your own space.

50.Amazing Urban Gardening Design Example

Containers or raised garden beds together with wooden decking can help you create a cool rooftop terrace for lounging in the sun to get your Vitamin D or hanging out with friends.

51. Retaining Wall Garden Ideas

Retaining walls can greatly contribute to your curb appeal. Particular striking are retaining walls build with stone–it’s a timeless design.

52.Slope Gardens Inspiration

Use raised beds and steps to play with elevation and turn a slope from a problem into a unique garden design. We really like the hues and the color contrasts in this example.

53.Attractively Unique Gardening Idea

Decorative iron wrought garden design features like this one can cheer up a big stretch of grass and make up for the lack of other flowers. Plus, you can move it around as needed.

54. DIY Simple and Colorful Gardening Design

Make use of old buckets by filling them up with colorful flowers. Simple DIY ideas like this one enable you to upcycle items.

55. Gardening Design withWater Features

Water features can be truly amazing. Creating something similar to the next example costs a bit, but the combination of metal, wood, water, and plants can lead to a thought-provoking garden design.

56. Gardening Design With Low-Water Succulents

Succulents are capable of storing water in their leaves so you don’t need to water them regularly. Plant them in big, funny containers and you can add a nice touch to any corner of your garden.

57. Cottage Gardening Design Ideas

For something more romantic, surround a wooden bench with bloomers and other tall plants to create a sense of intimacy.

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (64)

58. Creative Contemporary Gardening Design

Get modern and conceptual by adding a rusted decorative board to your garden and some tall vessels. Add in wooden fencing, gravel, and stone for texture.

59. Modern Balcony Gardening Design

Modern gardens often rely on hard landscaping. Add built-inplanters and raised beds to bring greenery where it’s needed most. Using lines and curves and colors like white can help you achieve an elegant design.

60. Creative Modern Garden Design

In this example, plants in pots and containers accent a beautiful and elegant white space. The water feature completes the space.

61.Lighted Garden Design

With the right lighting, your garden can come alive at night. You can integrate lighting into the flooring or drape string lights on tree branches for a magical effect.

62. Tropical Garden Design

Plants like yucca, palms, or certain varieties of ficus look tropical but can grow in less exotic climates. You can your garden with them to create your own exotic paradise.

63. Best Tropical Gardens

When creating a tropical garden, keep in mind that tropical plants need a decent amount of water as well as good fertilizer and mulching. This example uses a rock pool to create favorable conditions for the plants.

64. Zen Garden Ideas

Zen gardens were originally built by Buddhists monks and intended for meditation. A key feature is large, irregular rocks, water features, and bonsais.

65. Backyard Garden Design

More than being fun and economical, growing your own herbs in a raised garden bed can add a nice DIY flavor to your garden.

66. Eco-Friendly Gardening Design

An eco garden is an ideal habitat for birds and butterflies. To build one, choose plants adapted to local conditions and avoid toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

67.Classic Garden Design

Classic gardens never go out of style. In this example, a striking pergola with a wooden trellis for climbers adds a fairy-tale touch to an otherwise sober setting.

68. Garden Ideas for Small Yards

Stack up rocks, use wavy edging, add a small waterfall, and you can create a peaceful corner that invites contemplation even in a small area.

69. Bonsai Gardening Design

Collect different varieties of bonsai and plant them in assorted planters to create a bonsai farm. It can become a wonderful centerpiece for your garden.

70. Cinder Block Garden Ideas

Paint cinder blocks bright colors and you can add a lot of fun to your garden. Here’s a creative arrangement to inspire you.

71.Simple Herb Garden

Herb gardens don’t have to be boring. You can blend in herbs with other plants around a seating area. More than the fresh green looks, you get some fresh smells, too.

Did you know: Talking of the power of smell, there is a dairy farmer in Japan that plants pink flowers in order to make his blind wife smile again.

72.Patio Garden

You can use tall plants as a privacy screen for an outdoor patio. Combine multiple varieties of tall shrubs and climbers and make sure to throw in some flowerings plants as well.

73. Gardening on Slopes

Gardening on slopes can be a challenge, but after all the hard work, the result can be uplifting! Here’s a natural way to use slopes to build a tiered garden.

74. Charming Planter Designs

Mosaic tiles are not only for bathrooms but also for planters. Here’s an apt example that we’d gladly teleport to our own garden if we could!

75.Piano Planters

Now here’s one of our favorite gardening design ideas–an old piano repurposed as a planter and waterfall, two in one. Mozart would be envious!

76. Trough Flowerpot Garden Design

Troughs can also be repurposed into containers for plants. Big ones like the example below can help you create raised garden beds quickly and without much hassle.

Tip: There are still other things you can repurpose into flowerpots such as bathtubs or toolboxes.

77. Chinese Gardening Idea

If you have space and a nice budget, you can opt for a peaceful Chinese gardening design like this one. Water features play a prominent part in many Chinese-inspired gardens.

78. Small Backyard Design Ideas

Small and simple–here’s an example that uses neutrally-colored stones and paving alongside a few low plants. The emphasis is on the space rather than on colors,

79. Hillside Landscaping

Most often, hillside landscaping requires a lot of work compared to a flat garden. But with wooden steps and tiered beds like in this example, you can achieve a striking design.

80. Mediterranean Garden Styles

This design can be seen mostly in mansions and large estates. It’s inspired by old Roman and Greek villas that used to have an open-air interior space bound by the walls of the house.

81. Great Landscape Gardening

This example blends in harmonious different shapes, colors, textures, and elements. We like the neatly trimmed hedges, the little wooden bridge, and the studied arrangement of the flowers.

82. Unique Garden Ideas for Ponds

A tiny wooden footbridge over a small pond, a garden gnome, and a few interesting plants–this example is sweet and doesn’t require much space.

83.Creative Edging Garden Example

Edging can transform your garden design. In this example, rounded and square edging adds a unique touch to an airy garden.

84. Flower Garden and Flower Bed Gardening

When it comes to flower gardens, bunching different plants together in the proper soil can create a symphony of colors.

85. Beautiful Landscape Design

A big, winding pool surrounded by different shrubs and plants? The result can be an idyllic setting.

86. Gardening Design with Paths

An interesting gardening path that combines different materials and textures can become one of your garden’s main attractions.

87. Simple Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas

Bring together lots of plants that complement each other–but refrain from using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This way you can create a lush garden that purifies the air and attracts beneficial insects.

88.Evergreen Garden Design Ideas

Evergreens can take center stage in your garden. They’re a smart choice if you want a green garden year-round without the burden of too much maintenance.

89.English Cottage Gardens

Recreate the English cottage garden feel by planting colorful plants close together and throwing some wildflowers into the mix. Don’t forget the cute fence and flagstones!

90.Rustic English Garden Design

Climbers, creepers, tall plants, wildflowers, sprawlers–plant all of them together to give your garden a wild, rustic, and pleasantly unkempt feel.

Tip: Try to select a mixture of flowers that blooms in different seasons so that you can enjoy a year-long harmony of colors.

91.Container Garden Design Ideas

Lots of small, repurposed plant containers can make up for the lack of planting space. In this example, two stacked pallets serve as char.

92.Oriental Garden Design

Greenery and wood are the predominant elements in this outdoor seating area. The tall flowers and trees provide an excellent backdrop for a comfortable seating area. Note the interesting rooftop design.

93.Balcony Garden Planters Ideas

If you have a terrace or rooftop you can add a touch of greenery to it with garden planters. Bunch a few of them together to create an urban garden.

94. Hanging Planters and Pots in Garden Design

When creating a balcony garden, you can save more space by stacking your planters and pots and using English ivy and other climbers as a backdrop.

95. Low Fence Garden

A small, green fence like the one in this example can contribute to the overall atmosphere of the garden. You can paint yours any color you want.

96.Patio Jungle Gardening Design Example

Spice up your outdoor space by adding an array of planters and plants including bonsai, herbs, petunias, and begonias. This example displays plants in layers–there’s a lot for the eye to process!

97. Purple Garden Design

Bringing together flowers that bloom in different shades of the same color can create a thematic corner in your garden that won’t be hard to notice.

98.Simple Raised Garden Bed Idea

If you’re having trouble growing plants in your soil, use simple raised beds to grow brighter plants in better soil. Raised beds can also add more personality to your garden.

99.Quiet Nook Courtyard Garden Design Inspiration

Corners are great for creating a quiet nook for two like in this example. Use a small pergola, add some chairs and a table, and plant some hanging plants and you’ll have a romantic retreat right around the corner.

100.Courtyard Garden Design with Mirror

In this example, a mirror adds a new dimension to a small garden and creates a sense of more space. Notice also the carefully chosen details.

Commonly Asked Gardening Questions

Here are some of the most frequent gardening design questions we’ve been hearing from our readers. Check out the answers below–they may prove useful!

Is designing a garden difficult?

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (108)

Designing a garden can be as complicated as you make them. Start simple and focus on the key features, not the details. Here are a few points to consider before designing your garden.

How do people learn garden designs?

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (109)

Some people learn by rolling up their sleeves and doing it, others hire a landscaping professional to mentor them. You can also read books about it and get inspired by our gardening design ideas.

How long does creating a garden design take?

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (110)

Designs can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks. It all depends on your aim budget, time, and experience. Check our favorite gardening design ideas for inspiration.

How can I landscape my garden cheaply?

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (111)

Upcycle materials and items you already have by integrating them into your design. Go vertical to save space. Paint old things with new colors. Build a DIY fire pit. Use lasting perennials.

How do I make my garden beautiful?

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (112)

Remove unnecessary details, simplify, and add splashes of color and greenery that are easy to maintain. Also, integrate landscaping rocks, wooden elements, and water features into your design.

Garden Up

The gardening design takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of love. It can be a blast and you may find that the process of bringing your garden to life is at least as exciting as the result.

Whether you’re aiming for a simple gardening design or something dazzlingly sophisticated, there are always ways to incorporate creative ideas and materials you may already have.

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (113)

You can create a stunning garden without spending a fortune, though if you want to spend a fortune, go ahead! A garden can transform your life.

Now over to you–do you have a favorite garden design? Has any of those we shared with you fired up your imagination?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment and tell us about it.

As an expert and enthusiast, I have access to a vast amount of information on a wide range of topics, including gardening design. I can provide insights and answer questions related to various concepts used in this article. Here are some key concepts and information related to gardening design:

1. Small Gardening Designs and Urban Gardening:

  • When working with smaller spaces, it can be challenging to design a garden. However, you can still create a beautiful small garden by utilizing creative ideas such as using a wooden bench and chairs, incorporating greenery, and maximizing the available space.
  • Urban gardening is a popular trend that involves growing plants in urban areas, such as balconies, rooftops, or small yards. It allows people living in cities to enjoy the benefits of gardening despite limited space.

2. Japanese and Zen Garden Concepts:

  • Japanese gardens are known for their simplicity, serenity, and harmony with nature. They often feature elements such as rocks, gravel, water, and carefully pruned trees and shrubs. These gardens are designed to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere.
  • Zen gardens, also known as dry gardens or rock gardens, are a type of Japanese garden that primarily consists of rocks and gravel, symbolizing water and islands. These gardens are designed to evoke a sense of tranquility and contemplation.

3. Garden Design Considerations:

  • Before starting your garden design, consider how you will use the space. Will it be primarily for relaxation, entertaining guests, or growing specific types of plants? Knowing the purpose of your garden will help you make decisions about seating areas, pergolas, plant selection, and more.
  • Walkways should be designed with safety in mind. They should be wide enough for comfortable passage but not too wide to encroach on flower space. Additionally, attention should be paid to slopes and steps to ensure they are even and safe to prevent accidents.

4. Creative Garden Design:

  • When designing your garden, don't be afraid to get creative. Your garden should reflect your personality and style. Even if you hire a professional landscaper, it's important to contribute your own ideas and preferences to make the design feel personal and unique.
  • Using your creativity can also help save money by incorporating DIY elements and repurposing materials for garden features.

5. Time and Patience:

  • Creating a garden design is a process that takes time and patience. It's important not to rush the process, as the results may not be satisfactory. Depending on the complexity of the design, it can take months to complete a larger project. Enjoy the journey and take it one step at a time.

These are just a few key concepts related to gardening design mentioned in the article. If you have any specific questions or need more information on a particular topic, feel free to ask!

109 Simply Creative Gardening Ideas & Designs for your Home (2024)
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