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A Complete Guide to the Beautiful Hokkaido Flower Fields

Hokkaido is a popular destination in Japan that many people visit during the winter for snow sports such as skiing, dog sledding, or snowboarding. But Hokkaido is also a wonderful place to visit during the summer because of the cooler temperatures compared to mainland Japan and the breathtaking Hokkaido flower fields.

The flower fields in Hokkaido can be found all over the region and each carries its own special charm. In this guide, we will take you on a journey to some of the most popular Hokkaido flower fields and share the details of each including how to get there, what you’ll see, and when it’s best to visit!

How to Get to the Hokkaido Flower Fields

While Japan is known for its accessible public transportation system, the Hokkaido region is a bit more challenging to travel around unless you rent a car. Because of this, we rented a car in order to make a road trip to the flower fields in Hokkaido.

At each location we visited, we found ample parking that was either free or available for a small fee. Some of the larger flower fields have transport buses that will take tourists to the field, but we believe driving a car is still the best choice so you can take your time and plan your visit more easily.

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Things to Know Before Visiting the Hokkaido Flower Fields

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Walk only in designated areas. This is extremely important! The people that own and operate these flower farms work hard to keep them in pristine condition to make them beautiful for all visitors. Don’t go off the paths or walk through the flower fields! I promise you that you can still get a good photo while standing on a tarp or in one of the designated photo spots (as you’ll be able to tell from our photos!). It’s all about practicing those camera angles.

Most of the flower fields are free to visit. But, that being said, some ask guests for a small donation for upkeep or have shops that you can purchase from to provide support! Maintaining these flower fields is tough work so show them you appreciate it by making a donation or purchasing from their onsite restaurants, cafes, or souvenir shops.

The majority have public parking lots. This is especially helpful for those who are driving! We visited during early August (peak flower field season) and never had an issue finding a parking spot as most had 100 spots or more, but it’s still good to get there early so you don’t have to fight the crowds.

13 Stunning Hokkaido Flower Fields to Visit

1. Tomita Farm

Location: Nakafurano
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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Since 1903, Tomita Farm (ファーム富田) has been operating as the largest lavender field in Hokkaido. Because of this, it is also the most popular one to visit! In addition to lavender fields, Tomita Farm also has a few other fields with colorful varieties of flowers and even a birch forest you can explore. There are also a number of places to shop or eat on-site!

One thing we recommend is getting lavender ice cream from one of the shops! Hokkaido is known for having terrific dairy products so the ice cream is incredibly creamy and the lavender flavor is perfectly balanced instead of being overpowering like some lavender-flavored desserts.

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Another thing to do at Tomita Farm is to watch the lavender soap and perfume being made at the Perfume Workshop. Since we were traveling in Japan for three months we didn’t have a lot of space to purchase any souvenirs at Tomita Farm but I would have loved to have bought some lavender soap or potpourri because it smelled divine!

HOURS: 9AM-6PM daily
COST: Free

2. Choei Lavender Farm

Location: Nakafurano
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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The Choei Lavender Farm is one of the most popular Hokkaido lavender fields to visit but not as popular as Tomita Farm making Choei Lavender Farm less crowded on a typical day. There are two sections to this park one being the lavender fields and the other being a field of a mixed variety of flowers.

In the park, you’ll find a small cafe to purchase refreshments including ice cream and curry dishes. One experience that is not to be missed at Choei Lavender Farm is the ski lift that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the stunning flower fields from above for 400 yen. At the top of the ski lift is an observation deck where you can rest on one of the benches while enjoying the view.

HOURS: 9AM-6PM daily
COST: Free, 400 yen for ski lift (round-trip)

3. Saika no Sato

Location: Nakafurano
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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Saika no Sato (彩香の里) is a flower field in Hokkaido that is set upon 6 hectares high on a hilltop with a beautiful panoramic view. Like many of the other lavender farms in Nakafurano, you will also see fields of lavender as well as a variety of other seasonal flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers, and salvia.

Saika no Sato has an onsite cafe restaurant that focuses on dishes with seasonal vegetables and seafood but in the summer they have juicy, ripe melons to enjoy too! During the prime lavender season, you can even pick your own lavender to take with you for 1,000 yen a bag. Since many others are also there to pick lavender, the aromatic scent fills the air all around you so even if you don’t get to take some with you, you can still enjoy the beautiful fragrance!

HOURS: 8AM-5PM daily
COST: Free

4. Shikisai no Oka

Location: Biei
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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Shikisai no Oka (四季彩の丘) also known as Shikisai Hill is one of the larger flower fields in Hokkaido. It’s so big it even has a tractor ride to take visitors from one area of the farm to the other or you can rent a golf cart to drive! Because of its size, it’s also pretty busy, so I would try to visit when they first open or towards the end of the day when they close. Despite the crowds, we still found this to be one of our favorite Hokkaido flower fields out of the ones listed here.

Another unique thing that Shikisai no Oka has on-site is the small alpaca farm located towards the entrance where you can view, pet, and feed the alpacas – this is something we didn’t do while we were there, but it could be a fun activity for kids!

Also on-site, there are a few small restaurants on sight as well as an area of fresh produce that you can purchase. Like the other flower fields, they carry lavender and melon soft serve but another snack you can purchase here is a potato croquette which is made from the potatoes in their fields.

HOURS: 9AM-5PM daily
Free but they ask for a 200 yen donation for the maintenance of the flower fields.

5. Kanno Farm

Location: Kamifurano
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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Kanno Farm (かんのファーム) is located on a highway close to Shikisai no Oka. Though Kanno Farm has similar varieties of flowers to Shikisai no Oka, it is a much smaller space and seemingly less crowded too!

The flower fields are placed upon a hilltop where you’ll see a mix of colorful flowers as well as a few Arashi Pine Trees. At the souvenir shop, you can purchase different folk crafts or produce, as well as snacks like creamy soft serve ice cream or sweet boiled corn.

HOURS: Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM
COST: Free

6. Zerubu no Oka

Location: Biei
Best Time to Visit: June-August

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Zerubu no Oka (ぜるぶの丘) also known as Zerubu Hill is similar to many of the other flower parks in the Nakafurano and Biei areas of Hokkaido. The flowers you’ll find here are primarily lavender, poppies, and sunflowers but there are also a few other blooms too!

One of my favorite things about Zerubu no Oka is the backdrop of Mount Asahi with the flowers which makes for a picturesque view! If you’re tired from walking you can also rent a buggy to visit the different areas of the park.

COST: Free

7. Takino Suzuran Hillside Park

Location: Sapporo
Best Time to Visit: Late-May through early June

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At almost 400 hectares, Takino Suzuran Hillside Park (国営滝野すずらん丘陵公園) is one of the most expansive government-run parks in Hokkaido. It has a number of different attractions including seasonal flowers – the most popular is the field of tulips. Each year from late May until early June over 250,000 tulips and 50,000 lilies are in bloom making a cheerful, colorful display!

After visiting the tulip fields, you should also visit other areas of this massive park. There is a unique playground area that is perfect for kids and even a forest that is perfect for a hike. One of our favorite things to do in Takino Suzuran Hillside Park was visiting the waterfalls. The majority of them are easily accessible with paved walking trails and bridges so you can enjoy them with ease.

HOURS: 9AM-6PM Daily
COST: 450 yen (adults), 210 yen (65 or older), free to visit under age 15

8. Yurigahara Park

Location: Sapporo
Best Time to Visit: April-November

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Yurigahara Park (百合が原公園) has over 6,400 varieties of rotating seasonal flowers within the 25.4 hectares of the park. Though summer is the most popular time to visit for lilies and hydrangea, there is also a conservatory within the park that features camellias, rhododendron, lilies, begonias, and orchids so you can enjoy viewing flowers indoors year-round. But the most sought-after activity at Yurigahara Park is to ride the Lily Train which takes you on a 1.2 km leisurely journey viewing the summer flowers!

HOURS: Open 24 hours
COST: Free (Park), 130 yen (World’s Gardens), 360 yen (Lily Train ticket)

9. Daisetsu Mori-no Garden

Location: Kamikawa
Best Time to Visit:
Mid-June-Early August

Daisetsu Mori-no Garden (大雪 森のガーデン) has two different forest-themed gardens with various flowers and foliage. In these gardens, there are 900 different varieties of flowers and colorful plants. The first area is known as the Forest Flower Gardens which comprises five different areas.

The first is known as the Heavy Snow Garden which has alpine plants from the nearby Daisetsu. The second garden is called Four Seasons Sumika which was designed with “the spirit that controls each season, spring, summer, and autumn lives” meaning it features colors from all seasons.

Flower Fountain is the third garden which has a number of pretty ground cover plants to express the growth of spring. The fourth, Familiar Garden, is one you can explore using your five senses. The last garden is known as Kamui Mintara which means “God’s play garden” and has a lot of beautiful wildflowers making for a more rustic look.

After visiting the five Forest Flower Gardens areas make sure you also go to the Forest of Play which has interactive experiences that are fun for any age including a large wooden xylophone, a terrace for bird watching, and swings.

HOURS: 9AM-5PM daily
COST: 800 yen (adults), free for junior high students and younger

10. Hokuryu Sunflower Park

Location: Hokuryu
Best Time to Visit: Early August

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13 Hokkaido Flower Fields to Visit in Japan - Pages of Travel (13)

Hokuryu Sunflower Park (サンフラワーパーク 北竜温泉) as the name suggests is a field where you can see over 1.5 million sunflowers! The golden hue of the sunflower petals glimmers in the sunlight. The park is perfectly laid out so you can walk down rows of sunflowers on tarps so you can take photos with ease! During the sunflower festival (early August) you can also have a complimentary photo taken and printed off as a memento.

While you’re there, be sure to stop in the nearby gift shop where you can find souvenirs and food stalls. A must-try is the sunflower ice cream which is made with crushed sunflower seeds – It has a rich nutty flavor similar to kinako mochi or peanut butter ice cream!

HOURS: 24 hours
COST: Free

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11. Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Location: Ozora
Best Time to Visit: May-Early June

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Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park (ひがしもこと芝桜公園) is known for the Moss Phlox that blooms all over this 10-hectare park! The shades of vivid pink blossoms create a beautiful carpet of pink that contrasts perfectly against the blue sky.

After viewing the phlox you can also enjoy a treat at the snack bar, go on a go-cart ride, or watch stage performances that take place during the festival events. In the evenings, lights are turned on and illuminate the flowers to make another stunning view of the carpet of flowers.

HOURS: 8AM-5PM daily
COST: 500 yen (adults), 250 yen (children)

12. Shichiku Garden

Location: Obihiro
Best Time to Visit:

Shichiku Garden (紫竹ガーデン) was started by Akiyo Shichiku who wanted to turn Hokkaido into an island of flowers. While she may not have covered all the land on Hokkaido, she certainly created a beautiful space with over 2,500 varieties of flowers that bloom during all different times of the year.

While enjoying the different flowers make sure you also admire the view of the Hidaka Mountains in the background, it’s especially pretty at sunset! Shinchiku Garden also has outdoor and indoor cafe areas where you can order a scone or other sweet treats with some tea.

HOURS: 8AM-6PM daily
COST: 1,000 yen (adults), 200 yen (children)

13. Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

Location: Yubetsu
Best Time to Visit: Early May – Early June

13 Hokkaido Flower Fields to Visit in Japan - Pages of Travel (15)

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park (かみゆうべつチューリップ公園) first started in 1957 as an area where 54 farmers in Yubetsu formed a tulip farming union where they cultivated 22 kinds of tulips and exported them to various places in Canada and the United States.

Now you can visit the tulip farm and view fields of over 200 varieties of vibrantly colored tulips that are beautifully set in rows by a Dutch-inspired windmill. During the Yubetsu Tulip Festival, you can enjoy local restaurants and shop at the on-site souvenir shops.

HOURS: 8AM-6PM daily
COST: 600 yen (adult), 300 yen (children)

Which of these flower fields in Hokkaido do you want to visit most?

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13 Hokkaido Flower Fields to Visit in Japan - Pages of Travel (2024)
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