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I woke up early like, I usually do and started getting ready for school.

I pulled my golden blonde hair away from my blue orbs and into a messy bun who's.

My in because she's, not me, let me guess she's.

Not like other girls, orbs you an avatar.

You've been water earth, fire air or something I threw on a quick outfit.

And I started my way to school.

Oh, my god.

I mean, sure when I get there, I take the back hallway to my locker.

So I can avoid getting bullied by the popular girls hear that you guys she's bullied.

I swear, if she sings fight song, I will report this entire account as I walked.

I thought about my parents who died in a car accident.

It's true.

I was the car and her parents are indeed, dead damn dumb homicide in jail.

I accidentally bumped into someone he growled at me, anger, flashing in his orbs.

Are you blind? No, no, no, no, no, no net net.

Nick, nickelodeon is she malfunctioning.


She wants to be a rapper fight song.

The remix I stared at the attractive man in front of me.

He was beautiful in ways that no man should ever be beautiful.

I let my golden blonde hair out of my messy bun.

And let it cascade down my back.

Okay, goldilocks, nah, that's, definitely rapunzel.

Let down your hair built ass.

I blinked, my blue, ups twice and stammered, an apology.

Sorry, you a snake starter.

Count 82 and it's only chapter one.

She like it again, put her in some rice.

No just take her back to the apple store.

You try turning it off and on or she blinged her orbs.

She blinked her marbles.

She blinked her pearls.

He growled at me in return.

You better be.

He growled girl.


Tony this tiger.

He a dinosaur from jurassic park or something forget fights on sing, roar since we're acting like animals, then she should sing animals by maroon 5., maroon 5.

He shoved me against the locker and purred I'm watching you so he's, not a dinosaur he's a cat.

My cat does it all the time I'm? Not impressed, uh justice for the locker? Yeah, locker lives matter as he looked down at me, I took in his details.

He had dark hair and electric green orbs under his gaze.

I shivered slightly.

Why is she shivering yeah didn't.

She bring this to school, a whole ass winter outfit dressed for antarctica.

She has no reason to be cold.

He pressed my back against the locker, even more and appeared closely to my face.

His voice came out as a low crow, a warning remember behave I'm watching you not shrek thinking he's.

Our dad did we skip a few chapters, nope still chapter one.

Why do we keep getting pushed against the wall.

He really said, personal space, don't know, her, we're a victim here.

We go.

Csi, my heart, fluttered as I watched him.

Leave? Okay.



Know, hearts had wings.

Didn't, know, hearts can become butterflies, but go off.

I guess? I started on my way to class, but as I turned to get one more glance at him.

I tripped and fell down the stairs.

Oh, my god, the stairs are the stairs.

Okay? I was upstairs and I could confirm I'm not okay.

Justice for the stairs and the locker.

I stood up brushed myself off and continued to walk the class.

Ignoring all the popular girls that were laughing at me, I've tried to be like them before, but I know that deep down that I can't be I'm, not like the rest of them.


So she's, not like the rest of these girls.

Then what is she? I vote? Pterodactyl confirmed, wyan's a pterodactyl guys, can you stop making fun of her? And please take this serious.

I based wyan off of myself that was hot.

Oh, my god, yeah, time for a tick.

Tock break walk in my fish, be right back, hot dog, hot dog after school.

I started my way to my locker again.

Once I get there.

I see that the bad boy from earlier was right, there turns out his locker was right next to mine.

And how did we miss this earlier? Because he was too busy pushing us against the locker that poor locker as I was waiting for him to finish.

He rolled around and snarled at me.

What are you doing here? Okay, first, this man, growled, then he heard now he's, snarling, someone call animal control because this is getting out of order maybe she's into animals.

She's, loving it brought to you by mick wyans.

I I I I was getting getting what water earth fire air long ago.

The four nations lived together in harmony.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked that was so random after I finished getting stuff in my locker.

I asked him, why'd you say you were watching me earlier because I own everything in this school, which means I own you two own, oh, no, baby that ain't gonna work didn't realize it's the blast from the past wait in that damn water.

I guess I slammed my locker, shut tears feeling, my diamond, blue, orbs, you're ridiculous.

I spat him.

And then I turned and flew down the hallway.

She flew a fairy godmother who not even that that's, the walmart version of tinkerbell says, I was full on stopping as I continue to run down the hallway.

I ran up and up the stairs, not caring who was watching she's a runner, she's a track star, wait a minute.

We made it clear that you need to leave those stairs alone.

Yeah, justice for the stairs.

We didn't.

Forget, wait a minute she's running up.

The stairs what is she doing? I didn't stop going up the stairs until I reached the rooftop bro, I know, damn well and she's not about to sing.

I swear, I will see to it that this entire account is removed don't play with me as I started the landscape.

I thought to myself, why? Why won't anyone notice me, if only only only what only the avatar master of all four elements could stop them.

But when the world needed him most he vanished, y'all doing this again, I thought about the bad boy from earlier.

I I I I thought I could change him.

Miss pterodactyl, walmart, fairy that's, not the only thing you need to change change is this man, a pad? Yo, what's, our stutter count 347.

And again, it's chapter.


I clutched my chest, the pain in my heart.

It was so sharp so sharp that you could puncture the whole of an empire class fire, nation, battleship, leaving thousands to draw not see you, oh, my god that it's hard alone.

I sat on the rooftop quietly from here.

I watched the birds and the insects and the butterflies, the grass and the trees swayed in the air you disney princess or something.

No, we already established that she's a pterodactyl walmart fairy who desperately needs to call animal control and the guy who keeps pushing her against vloggers and it's still only chapter one.

I thought about a song, my favorite song, what I swear, go ahead.

I will report this account.

I took a deep breath.



Someone up here.

Yeah, I'm over here.

A guy said that in a view, he was tall, and he had sandy blonde hair with maroon gray, electric orbs.

So this man has led marbles for eyes.

Hmm, do we like this guy or now? I mean he stopped her from singing.

So yeah, I don't know, let's see I watched as he came to sit down next to me thought.

I heard someone thought this place was haunted for a second.


No ghost here.

He tipped his head back and held with laughter.

Nothing was funny about that how old he a wolf.

Okay are we in a high school? Or are we in the zoo I'm leo by the way what's got you on the rooftop, I told him the whole story from start to finish, yeah, because we love opening up to random strangers that we just met don't worry about jackson he's, an idiot, but you know what I like you you're, pretty decent I'm throwing a party later on tonight.

You should come really, no, absolutely not really it'll.

Be amazing you'll, love.


Okay, I'll.

Go perfect.

And um, you might want to wear something nice.

Good, lord.

What did I walk into wait? Who is this guy? Again? Okay, guys that's the end of chapter.


You guys are gonna love the party scene, she's really going to make an impression on jackson, and she might even change him.



Go change that bad.

Boy, I mean, bad boy, be ridiculous.


Dekusquad read ✨Wattpad Stories ✨ [] MHa/BNHA [] PT1 (2024)
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