Sea Of Thieves Twitch Drops: 4th Season Update - Blog (2024)

Sea Of Thieves Twitch Drops: 4th Season Update - Blog (1)

What are Twitch Drops? If you’ve never heard of them, they are a system that rewards viewers for watching live streams on the popular platform. In addition, viewers can earn limited-edition in-game items, games, and more by tuning into their favourite streamer’s channel. Sea of Thieves is a new multiplayer online delight, where pirates can explore and adventure across the world’s oceans. Set sail with friends on your own ship or join others as you make up crews for an unlimited number of characters! Sea creatures populates these wild seas so be prepared to fight everything from giant turtles living below sea level all way through battles against ships at high tide during stormy weather conditions.

In this blog post we are going explore Sea of Thieves and how you avail its twitch drop:

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What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are a new kind of reward that can be earned by watching streams. Simply link your Twitch account and watch participating channels during the given time period; you could earn an in-game cosmetic item or much more. is a new program from Twitch that connects gamers with their favourite streamers, giving you the opportunity to acquire more players or re-engage your existing ones.

The latest features of Drops provide a massive improvement is user and viewer’s experience which consists of:

  • providing per-channel Drops prompts.
  • allowing viewers to claim their drop reward on Twitch directly
  • requiring account connection only afterplayers have claimed a reward.
  • a twitch drops homeplace where streamers and viewers can avail details about a drop campaign along with the associated requirements and rewards.

Twitch Drops provides a number of features for your steamers and gaming firms to get started with minimal setup, thanks in part due an integrated Rules Engine and Entitlements Service.

The Enhanced Experiences (E2) API enables streamers to set up missions in-game that trigger a Drop for viewers watching it live. For time-based Drops, you can specify how much of the game they need to view on participating channels and then Twitch will track their progress as if they were playing themselves.

Sea Of Thieves Twitch Drops: 4th Season Hunter Set

The opportunity to nab new sea of thieves twitch drops has arrived and players are excited. They can now get more items for their growing collections as the 4th season continues. This year’s fourth season has already seen players accumulate some beautiful items from afar with these drops. To contribute more the season, here are some of the items from the Hunter Set available to viewers by watching Sea of Thieves twitch streams:

For a limited time, all players will be able to earn these drops by watching any Sea of Thieves partnered streamer for 20 minutes.


TypeGame description
Twilight Hunter BanjoBanjoPlay a banjo right to sound surprisingly intimidating, especially while you are on an isolated island
Twilight Hunter BucketBucketA stubborn-looking bailing bucket, for rare occasions when you take damage.
Twilight Hunter CompassCompassThis compass will help you locate your prey anywhere
Twilight Hunter ConcertinaConcertinaFor a stone-cold pirate needs a song sometimes inducing people to let their guard down
Twilight Hunter DrumDrumThe question is… How did you get this aesthetically pleasing skin for this drum?
Twilight Hunter Fishing RodFishing RodNot even those little fishies will be safe from your hunts. Paint the ponds red
Twilight Hunter Hurdy-GurdyHurdy-GurdyTo entertain your crew of fellow killers with songs of glorious hunts done in the past.
Twilight Hunter LanternLanternHunters do spend a lot of time in dark, so this tool may come in handy
Twilight Hunter Pocket WatchPocket WatchYour hunter requires patience and precision to make get kill smoothly. This timepiece is yet another weapon to watch out for.
Twilight Hunter ShovelShovelEspecially not to be used as a weapon and for burying people after you have killed them
Twilight Hunter Speaking TrumpetSpeaking TrumpetSweet and Violent call for your prey to make them shiver right in their boots, before delivering that final blow.
Twilight Hunter SpyglassSpyglassDon’t even worry about your prey hiding anywhere on the map!
Twilight Hunter TankardTankardA grim tankard so that you can have a grim toast for the next hunt.

How To Receive In-game Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop item?

You’ll receive a notification on Twitch when you’ve been awarded the item in the inbox. Make sure to claim it within 24 hours of unlocking, or else that’s all for nyeh! After you are done claiming the item successfully, it will be added to your account. So all that’s left for is logging in and claiming.

Participating in Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops

Ready to set sail on the Sea of Thieves and claim your treasure through Twitch drops? Participating in these exciting events is a thrilling way to enhance your gameplay experience and unlock exclusive rewards. Here’s how you can get involved:

A. Finding Participating Streamers:

  1. Explore Sea of Thieves Content Creators:
    • Discover popular Sea of Thieves streamers by browsing the Sea of Thieves category on Twitch or exploring gaming communities and forums.
    • Look for streamers who actively promote their participation in Twitch drops events and showcase Sea of Thieves gameplay.
  2. Follow Official Rare Streams:
    • Stay tuned to official Rare streams on Twitch. These streams often feature developers, exclusive content reveals, and special Twitch drop events.
    • Follow the official Sea of Thieves Twitch channel and keep an eye out for announcements regarding upcoming drops.

B. Active Viewing:

  1. Engage in Chat:
    • Participate in the lively chat discussions during streams. Engaging with the streamer and fellow viewers can increase your chances of receiving drops and enhance the overall experience.
    • Ask questions, share your excitement, and show support for the streamer and the Sea of Thieves community.
  2. Watch Regularly:
    • Consistency matters! The more you actively watch Sea of Thieves streams, the higher your chances of receiving drops. Set aside dedicated time to tune in regularly and immerse yourself in the pirate adventures.
  3. Pay Attention to Announcements:
    • Keep an eye on the streamer’s announcements or social media updates regarding upcoming Twitch drop events. Mark your calendar and ensure you’re available during those streams for a chance to snag exclusive rewards.

C. Optimal Account Settings:

  1. Link Your Accounts:
    • Connect your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts. Visit the Sea of Thieves website and follow the instructions to link your accounts and enable Twitch drops eligibility.
  2. Enable Notifications:
    • Optimize your Twitch account settings to receive notifications from your favorite Sea of Thieves streamers. This way, you won’t miss any announcements about drops or special events.
  3. Check Sea of Thieves Account Settings:
    • Ensure your Sea of Thieves account settings allow for Twitch drops. Verify that your account is in good standing and meet any specific requirements or criteria mentioned by Rare or the streamers.

Remember, participating in Sea of Thieves Twitch drops is not only about the rewards but also about engaging with the vibrant community and celebrating the spirit of adventure. So hoist the sails, join the crew of dedicated streamers, and embark on thrilling Twitch drop events that bring the Sea of Thieves experience to life!

Who is the biggest Sea of Thieves Twitch Streamer?

Under the creator’s spotlight, we have BoxyFresh who loves to play like mischievous pirates out there on Sea of Thieves. He really loves to do are all sorts of hijinks. He was introduced to Sea of Thieves by one of my friends shortly after the game launched, and he fell in love. After streaming it around for a while – during which Boxy got more involved on social media- his channel grew into something really special that not only entertained him but also brought joy other players through meeting new people all over social media platforms.

Sea Of Thieves Twitch Drops: 4th Season Update - Blog (2)

Saad Khan

A gaming Fanatic who loves to sip beverages and write reviews about different games released world wide.


As an avid gamer and Twitch enthusiast, I bring forth a wealth of firsthand expertise and in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of Twitch Drops and how they intersect with popular games like Sea of Thieves. Having actively participated in numerous Twitch drop campaigns and closely followed developments in the gaming community, I am well-versed in the nuances of these reward systems and the impact they have on both players and streamers.

Now, let's delve into the concepts and information presented in the article about Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops:

1. What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are a reward system that incentivizes viewers to watch live streams on the Twitch platform. By linking their Twitch accounts and tuning into participating channels during specific time periods, viewers can earn exclusive in-game items, games, and other rewards.

2. Sea of Thieves Overview:

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer online adventure game where players take on the role of pirates exploring vast oceans. The game allows players to set sail with friends, form crews, and engage in various adventures, including battles against sea creatures and other players' ships.

3. Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops - 4th Season Hunter Set:

The article highlights the 4th Season Hunter Set available as Twitch Drops for Sea of Thieves players. This set includes various in-game cosmetic items like the Twilight Hunter Banjo, Bucket, Compass, Concertina, Drum, Fishing Rod, Hurdy-Gurdy, Lantern, Pocket Watch, Shovel, Speaking Trumpet, Spyglass, and Tankard.

4. How to Receive In-game Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop:

Viewers receive notifications on Twitch when awarded a drop item. It's crucial to claim the item within 24 hours of unlocking, after which it gets added to the player's account upon successful claiming.

5. Participating in Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops:

  • A. Finding Participating Streamers:

    • Explore Sea of Thieves content creators on Twitch.
    • Follow official Rare streams for exclusive content and drop events.
  • B. Active Viewing:

    • Engage in chat discussions.
    • Watch regularly and consistently.
    • Pay attention to announcements for upcoming events.
  • C. Optimal Account Settings:

    • Link Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts.
    • Enable notifications for Sea of Thieves streams.
    • Check Sea of Thieves account settings for Twitch drops eligibility.

6. Enhanced Experiences (E2) API:

The article mentions the Enhanced Experiences (E2) API, which enables streamers to set up in-game missions triggering drops for viewers. It allows for time-based drops, tracking viewer progress as they watch participating channels.

7. Biggest Sea of Thieves Twitch Streamer:

The spotlight is on BoxyFresh, recognized as one of the biggest Sea of Thieves Twitch streamers. BoxyFresh's channel has grown into something special, entertaining viewers with mischievous pirate adventures and contributing to the game's community.

8. Conclusion:

The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of engaging with the vibrant Sea of Thieves community during Twitch drop events. It encourages players to not only focus on the rewards but also on the shared spirit of adventure and community celebration.

With this comprehensive overview, I hope to provide valuable insights into the world of Twitch Drops and the Sea of Thieves gaming experience.

Sea Of Thieves Twitch Drops: 4th Season Update - Blog (2024)
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