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Swan lake.

Once upon a time far away in a deep forest.

There was a lake known as the swan lake on it.

There lived a single swan who glided silently and gracefully.

In the clear water the swan lake, although beautiful held a secret.

When the sun set the swan turned into a beautiful young woman.

The woman was a princess.

And her name was odette.

She had been cursed by an evil.

Wizard called rothbart as he hated her kind ways the only way to break the spell was if she found true love oh dad still cursed I see haven't you broken the spell yet laugh all you want my true love will definitely come and save me rothbart true love who will find you in this dark forest and who would love a swan.

You will forever be alone here.

He will come my heart, says, he will in a kingdom.

Not far from the forest there.

Lived a queen who was very kind she had a son prince, siegfried who was handsome smart and strong, but kindness, was not really his thing? One evening the queen called him to her.

See fred come here.

I have a surprise for you, what surprise could you possibly give a grown man, oh, a horse.

Well, mother he's, really an average horse come on sing friend, oh, no, really.

He doesn't look strong enough mother out well seems feisty enough to me, maybe you should name him a stomper.

Now, listen, I have another surprise for you seaford saw three, beautiful, maidens, come daintily towards him.

These are maidens who have come to meet you for marriage, but I don't want to get married mother and these girls they don't even care for me.

They only want to marry me because I am a prince, oh how viewed seeing friend? What are you saying it is not like that? I don't want to listen to this here.

Horse let's, see how strong you are let's go somewhere far away from here.

Stomper kicked his hooves up in the air and then galloped at full speed out of the kingdom.

Prince siegfried could not control him and no matter how much he tried.

The horse kept going on soon.

They reached the forest stomper suddenly stopped and prince.

Secret was thrown over onto a pile of leaves rotten horse can't, even get it properly, we'll pay for this.

But as he turned, he saw the lake in front of him.

He was so surprised that he almost forgot about his bad day.

He slumped himself down near some bushes and stared out at the lake.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Why does mother do this wants me to marry someone? I don't even know, and then she gives me a horse.

I don't even like what a horrible day as the prince grumbled over his bad day.

Princess odette had hidden behind a tree and was now watching him who is that man, he seems to be really furious about something everything is horrible.

The world is horrible.

Even these flowers are horrible on seeing him ruining.

The flowers odette was furious.

Hey, you can't do that to the flowers they haven't done anything to deserve that prince siegfried was mesmerized by odette's beauty.

Who are you? I am odette princess of this lake, how dare you come here and destroy those poor flowers? I am prince siegfried.

Why should I care for these silly flowers? They are not silly.

They have feelings just like you and me, don't just agree with her odette, put her hand on the flower and made it bloom.


Prince siegfried was shocked.

He had never seen anything like this odette saw him looking at what she's done.

Why do you smile at me like that when you help someone who is in need, you will know, too, try it.

It doesn't hurt you to be kind? Are you insulting me? This is so silly I'm.

Leaving come on horse.

Hey, prince.

Try it once you will smile, too whatever, prince, siegfried, galloped back fast.

It was a long way back.

And by now it was turning to dawn on the way he met a poor old.

Man, hey, young man, would you give me some water? I am very thirsty water who do you think just then odette's voice, rang clearly through his mind, hey, prince, it is never too late to be kind, uh, I'm here you may have this drink it all I don't want it.

Oh, thank you you're, too kind the prince was so surprised at this that he actually smiled.

He rode on in a very good mood, and soon reached home next day in the palace, he decided to wish the maids something he had never done.

And when he saw their expressions, he felt even better.

So this is what she meant.

I think I'll go and see her tonight as well.

So at night, he snuck out to where his horse was it's me.

I want to go to the lake.

Take me there right now, mom, what do? Oh, um.

I mean, please take me to the lake stomper and away.

They went back to the lake odette was extremely surprised.

Oh you're back.

Why? What do you mean, why is is a prince not allowed to go wherever he pleases also.

Thank you for teaching me something really special yesterday.

It is my pleasure.


Let me show you around you too, um, oh, his name is stomper, hi stomper, you're, a good horsey.

Well, let's, not even start on how good he is throughout the night, siegfried and odette laughed and chatted.

She showed him many beautiful parts of the place, but her kindness and beauty was all.

He paid attention to every night.

He would go to see her and by dawn, they would separate as the days passed.

Everyone noticed how kind and generous the prince had become son.

I have something to tell you, yes, mother tonight.

All the maidens of the land will be invited for a ball.

And you must dance with them.

Oh, but mother, I already told you that I don't love any of them.

My child, the people of the kingdom are looking forward to their prince, getting married, and then taking the throne as a king tomorrow.

You must choose a bride.

That is my final word.

What do I do stomper that night the prince danced with all the beautiful maidens that were there? He smiled sweetly to them, but all he could think about was odette the ball, almost lasted the whole night.

But when it was finally over the prince snuck out of the palace, stop, it let's.

Go find odette.

Shall we they galloped fast through the cold night? But little did they know a shadow, followed them both close behind.

They soon reached the lake panting, oh dead, oh dead.

Why seaford tonight you are very la, oh, is is everything all right odette.

I came here to tell you that I am in love with you.

I can't stop thinking about you.

Would you please be my wife? Oh, I cannot what why not because I'm at that moment, the sun started to rise.

And before odette could finish her sentence.

She had turned into a swan in front of prince siegfried's eyes, oh death.

No what happened to you? How did you turn into a swan? See long ago, a cruel, wizard named rothbart had put a spell on me now, because of his magic, I am human by night and a swan by day only true.

Love can break this spell.

Then let me break it for you.

I will love you dearly, whether you are a swan or a human or anything you think breaking a spell is that easy.

You think just saying you love, someone proves your love.

No true.

Love needs.

Sacrifice, are you ready to sacrifice for love? Yes.

I am I will do anything for her very well, no secret.

How dare you do this to him? No odette wake up my love, oh, dead fools with an evil grin on his face rothbart turned around and started to walk.

But just then stomper came from behind and kicked him.

Rough, bart went flying in the air.

Dropping his wand in the ground with all his strength, stomper kicked his hooves up in the air and stomped on the wand breaking it into two halves at that moment, rothbart vanished into thin air and was never seen again.

Suddenly magical, sparkles from the broken pieces of the wand came out.

Its sparkles flew over to odette and siegfried.

And touched them at once siegfried turned into his human form, odette too turned back to her human form and opened her eyes.

Slowly, odette odette are you? Okay, yes.

I am fine.

What happened to roughbot? Well, let's just say that our stomper here took care of him, the prince and stomper took odette to the palace siegfried explained everything to his mother, who was so happy to see the beautiful princess that she had once agreed for the marriage odette and prince siegfried got married in a splendid ceremony, prince siegfried took the throne as the king and people of the kingdom were delighted.

But what happened to stomper? You may ask well, stomper was appointed as the commander-in-chief in the king's army.

And he made sure that the likes of rothbart stayed miles away from the kingdom.

Swan Lake Story  | Stories for Teenagers | @EnglishFairyTales (2024)


What is the story of Swan Lake about for kids? ›

About The Story of Swan Lake

This classic tale tells the story of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. An evil magician, however, has turned the princess into a swan, and only the prince's true love can break the spell!

What fairytale is Swan Lake? ›

Swan Lake is about a prince named Siegfried. He falls in love with the Swan princess, Odette. She is a swan by day, but a young woman at night. She is under a magic spell that can only be broken by a man who will make a promise to love her for all time.

Is Swan Lake a folktale? ›

In 1871, Tchaikovsky composed a children's ballet, The Lake of the Swan, for his young nephews and nieces. Some say it is based on the German fairytale “The Stolen Veil” while others argue that it is derived from the Russian folktale “The White Duck”.

What is the story of Swan Lake in English? ›

Swan Lake narrates the story of Prince Siegfried, who finds a flock of swans while hunting, falls in love with the Swan Queen, Odette, and swears his undying love to her. Odette may only take human form between midnight and sunrise due to a spell cast by the evil sorcerer Baron von Rothbart.

Is Swan Lake appropriate for children? ›

Ages: While younger children may not get the plot, I saw kids as young as 5 enjoying the show. And while “Swan Lake” does deal with loss and love, there's nothing graphic or explicit in the production. Length: Run time is three hours with two intermissions.

What does the black swan represent in Swan Lake? ›

As the Black Swan, though, he represents what some South Africans, according to Masilo, see as dark forces in society: hom*osexuality and AIDS. Masilo plays up this dichotomy between the two swans in a pair of pas de deux. In the first, Odette courts Siegfried, whom she is set to marry.

What is the most famous part of Swan Lake? ›

The Black Swan pas de deux. This piece of choreography is one of the most famous in the repertory, renowned for both its technical difficulty and its dramatic cohesion.

What movies are based off Swan Lake? ›

The Swan Princess is a 1994 American animated musical fantasy film based on the ballet Swan Lake.

What does the Swan Princess symbolize? ›

Whereas the initial image on a balalaika reminded one only of the gesture from the Russian folk dance, the painting already features a more profound imagery highlighting the character's symbolism. The Swan Princess is an unattainable ideal of purity and chastity.

What cartoon is based on Swan Lake? ›

The Swan Princess is a 1994 American animated fantasy film based on the ballet Swan Lake.

Why is Swan Lake so famous? ›

Swan Lake is popular for its fascinating representation of good versus evil, depicted through two opposing swans: the vulnerable, ethereal White Swan and the seductive, deceptive Black Swan.

What is the tragic ending of Swan Lake? ›

As Swan Lake has been performed over the years, the ending of the story has taken a variety of forms. In the most common version, Odette and Siegfried choose to leap into the lake and drown. Their deaths break Rothbart's spell, defeating all of his powers and liberating the mystical lake's Swan maidens.

What happens to Odette in Swan Lake? ›

Odette flings herself into the lake and Siegfried follows. Siegfried's and Odette's steadfast love breaks the enchanter's spell and Von Rothbart, too, collapses and dies. With the curse removed, the lovers' spirits are freed. Their spirits take flight and are reunited for eternity.

Is Odette The Black Swan? ›

Odile is the black swan maiden and the secondary antagonist in Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Her opposite is Odette, the white swan maiden, who is the heroine of the ballet while Odile is the antagonist.

Is Swan Lake appropriate for a 6 year old? ›

Traditional ballets – like the famous Swan Lake – can be a few hours long, including quiet, drawn-out scenes and adult themes. The Australian Ballet suggests that children should be over 6 years old to attend a full length performance; but, as every child is individual, planning ahead is the key.

Why is Swan Lake so important? ›

Like Romeo and Juliet and Titanic, the story of Swan Lake is a classic example of the tragic love narrative, bursting with passion, betrayal and drama. Cursed by the evil sorcerer Rothbart, Princess Odette is transformed into a swan and condemned to a life at the lakeside – a spell breakable only by true love.

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